About The Loot Lair

Who are we?

We are an eclectic family of obsessed geeks and nerds. We love games, tech, fantasy, and general weirdness. We make what we love, find funny, interesting or useful.

We have always been creatives, but started building The Loot Lair in 2015 when our personal path demanded something more flexible yet solid for our future.  The idea of a D&D table with burned tavern feeling imagery was conceived and The Loot Lair grew from there.

We upcycle and repurpose various items and use standard stock, we shape these items into something new.  A Chest, Talisman, Dice Tray or petrified Beholder Eyeball, anything is possible when you’re limited only by your imagination.  We love doing custom pieces and working with customers to create something even more unique.

New items are currently published on Etsy, but expansion to other avenues and direct purchase through our website are coming soon. You can still contact us to discuss custom designs or other requirements using the form on our contact page.

We feel at home among our fellow, nerds, geeks and gamers, it’s wonderful to see so much new acceptance as new cultures develop.

There will be more updates and links coming as the website is updated, but if you have a burning question, please comment or get in touch.

Check out our Etsy store for further info on our loot and don’t forget to follow / like / subscribe to stay up to date with news, new products and special offers.

We hope you get as much enjoyment from our items as we do creating them.

Happy Looting and may all your Rolls be Critical!

The Loot Lair <3

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